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Christmas 2016

Christmas Orders now being taken.   Order forms available in both our shops with a minimum deposit required of £10 per order.

Last orders Saturday 17th December at 5pm

Roast Turkey

                             *Christmas Fayre*

  • Bronze, Free Range & Barn Reared Turkey
    • Free Range Goose & Duck
    • Free Range & Barn Reared Chicken
      • Game & Venison
      • Rib of Beef, Beef, Pork & Lamb Joints
      • Speciality Xmas Pies
      • Sausages & Sausagemeat
      • Smoked & Unsmoked Gammon Joints

                           **Christmas Opening Hours**  

Mon 19th – Fri 23rd  Dec     7.30am -5.00pm

Sat 24th Dec                                7.30am  – 3.00pm

Thur 29th – Sat 31st                8.00am – 5.00pm

Tue 3 Jan onwards                    Regular Opening hours

Knife Sharpening

If your knives are getting a little blunt, and you can’t seem to carve through the roast chicken without tearing the flesh, then you need to apply a quantity of cider.

Yes seriously. If you apply cider to Bob in our Westbury Park butchers, he will take your knives away and work his magic on them.

Bob uses an old fashioned grinding wheel and then finishes off with a traditional butcher’s steel. Your knives will be good as new.

Pheasant & Partridge

This season’s Pheasant and Partridge now available fresh from Badminton Estate which we pluck and dress ourselves in the shop but can be purchased in feather if you wish to give it a try yourself.

Castlemead’s free to roam chickens

Castlemead-chickensWe have recently started to offer Stuart Perkin’s free to roam chickens. Stuart began looking after chickens when he got 12 chickens as a birthday present aged just 6. After studying at the Royal Agricultural College he now focuses on producing poultry that has enjoyed a full and active life.

Why not try a Castelmead roast chicken this weekend?

First Prize: Bristol’s best sausage

1st placerosetteGales of Westbury Park were awarded first place as Bristol’s Best Sausage at the 2015 Bristol Cider and Sausage Festival for our Pork Cider and Apple Sausage. Come in to the shop and try some today. Grilled or BBQd it tastes delicious on a summer’s evening.

New South African Biltong

St Marcus logo
Give your man some Biltong.
We have introduced a new range of beef snacks from St Marcus – the specialists in South African fayre.
Made from 100% beef with a South African twist.
Available in Lean Original, Chilli, Peri Peri, Chilli, Beef Chilli Chutney, Beef Pepper Biltong, Beef Chutney, BBQ, Brandy Beef and and Smoked variants. Take home a snack pack on your next visit.

Lorne Sausage

Nothing evokes the Scottish outdoors like a slice of square sausage with your breakfast. So here is a recipe from Braising Hell a Canadian blog that we found recently, that seems to be just the job. So full credit to them for the recipe and this mouth watering picture.

Bob is going to give it a try this week so come in and take some away and let us know what you think and whether we should make it a regular part of our sausage range:

Lorne Sausage
Makes about two loaf tins worth of sausage

1 kg not overly lean beef, cubed
1 kg pork shoulder butt, deboned
250g pork back fat, cubed
150g finely ground bread crumbs

1 tsp onion powder
3 tsp salt
2 tsp freshly-ground black pepper
3 tsp coriander seeds, toasted and ground
2 tsp freshly-ground nutmeg

1/2 cup chilled water

Grind the meat through the large die on your grinder. Add the bread crumbs, the seasoning, and the water and mix until everything is well combined and sticky. Add more water if necessary. Fry up a little bit of the mixture and check for seasoning. Correct if necessary. Press the mixture into a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap, taking care to not have any air bubbles in the sausage, then put the loaf pan in the freezer for an hour or two. When the sausage has frozen slightly, remove it from the freezer and slice it. Keep what you’re planning on cooking in the near future in the fridge, the rest can be frozen, ideally with pieces of parchment paper between the slices for easy thawing and frying.

Fry the slices and serve them on rolls with a squirt of brown sauce or ketchup.

Beef and more beef

Biltong Boychi logoGive your man some Biltong.We have introduced the Bilton Boychi’s range of beef snacks.Made from 100% beef with a South African twist.Available in Lean original, Chutney, Piri Piri, BBQ, Chilli and Dry Wors variants. Take home a snack pack on your next visit.